Change the life of a child this year by supporting the 2018 Hope & Healing Campaign

Because of supporters like you, we shape resilient kids who will confront past trauma, find the tools and strategies they need to cope with challenges, and lead healthy and productive lives.

Help us restore HOPE and HEALING to some of our region’s most distressed children and families by making a gift today. What our kids need most of all at this time of year and year-round is access to the most effective therapy and supports that help them to heal and grow. Because we are only reimbursed for 85% of the true cost of our programs, generous donors like you make it possible for kids to get the therapy, education, and care they need.

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Matching Challenge - $10,000

Double the impact of your gift thanks to an anonymous donor who will match all new gifts or any amount above what you donated last year up to $10,000 total. 

  • If you are a new donor, your entire gift will be matched!!

    • For Example: you give $100 as a first-time donor; we receive a total of $200!

  • If you are a returning donor who has not given in the last two years, your entire gift will be matched.

    • For Example: you last gave $100 in 2016 and you give $100 today; $100 will be matched so we receive a total of $200!

All gifts must be received by December 31, 2018. Only the first $10,000 will be matched. 

Meet Jamie


Jamie’s early years were chaotic. Her mother was abusive and struggled with drug use. Jamie moved in with her grandparents at the age of five, but they too were abusive. When she was nine, Jamie moved in with her father and stepmother. As Jamie entered her early teen years, her negative behaviors escalated. She was defiant, sneaking out at night, not doing well in school, and making unsafe choices.

When Jamie first arrived at Denver Children’s Home, she was depressed and suicidal, unsure of how she would fit in after multiple unsuccessful placements. She was hesitant at first, but her therapist worked with her to safely manage her feelings, process trauma, and rebuild relationships with her family.

Today, Jamie loves to listen to music, read, go for walks, and participate in music therapy. Soon, she plans to perform covers of her favorite songs during therapy. She has worked hard and even applied for and received our highest behavior level which allows Jamie to have more independence and be a peer leader. Her favorite part about Denver Children’s Home is how calm and friendly the staff is.


“I’m surrounded by so many people who truly care about my well-being; it’s hard to not be successful here.”

Jamie’s goal is to return to public school where she hopes to join drama club and the volleyball team. She plans on strengthening her relationship with her sister by helping her prep for tennis team tryouts. After high school, Jamie dreams of attending college and becoming an archaeologist!

“I have so much more hope for the future, and I have the tools to be successful.”