Change the life of a child this year by supporting the 2017 Hope & Healing Campaign

Because of supporters like you, we shape resilient kids who will confront past trauma, find the tools and strategies they need to cope with challenges, and lead healthy and productive lives.

Help us restore HOPE and HEALING to some of our region’s most distressed children and families by making a gift today. What our kids need most of all at this time of year and year-round is access to the most effective therapy and supports that help them to heal and grow. Because we are only reimbursed for 85% of the true cost of our programs, generous donors like you make it possible for kids to get the therapy, education, and care they need.

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Matching Challenge - $15,000

Double the impact of your gift thanks to an anonymous donor who will match all new gifts or any amount above what you donated last year up to $15,000 total. 

  • If you are a new donor, your entire gift will be matched!!
    • For Example: you give $100 as a first-time donor; we receive a total of $200!
  • If you are a returning donor, any amount that you give above last year’s gift will be matched.
    • For Example: you gave $100 last year and this year you give $150; $50 will be matched so we receive a total of $200!

All gifts must be received by December 31, 2017. Only the first $15,000 will be matched. 


Meet Logan

Logan (name changed for privacy) grew up in a tumultuous home. His mom struggled with addiction and there is a family history of neglect, abuse, and domestic violence. Logan and his siblings were placed in foster care and all the chaos led to Logan becoming unsafe and out of control. 

When Logan first arrived, he was dangerous, depressed, and suicidal. Harmful, negative thoughts about himself and his environment made his behavior explosive and unpredictable. Working with his therapist, Logan slowly started to build trust and self-confidence.

“I have to be nice to myself and think good thoughts.”

Logan loves getting dressed up, telling jokes, and participating in equine therapy. His horse, Comet, has taught Logan that

“life stinks sometimes but you just have to keep encouraging yourself and think ‘I can do it’.” 

Logan’s goal is to go back home now that his mom has been sober for a year. Mom is very engaged in therapy and they are working hard toward a safe and smooth transition.

“This place has helped me and my mom more than a little bit. I’m ready to go home to a safe place and not the total a war zone it was before.”