Nicole's Story

Nicole grew up in an unintentionally neglectful home – both parents have developmental disabilities and are ill-equipped to care for a child. Nicole also has a developmental delay that requires special care. She began having violent outbursts when things were not going her way or when she was facing challenges in her foster home. Nicole arrived at Denver Children’s Home’s residential program with severe trust issues
and challenges safely managing and expressing her emotions. 

Nicole has trouble expressing herself verbally so music therapy has been incredibly effective. Listening and making music and writing and analyzing lyrics helps Nicole stay calm and gives her a comfortable way to explore her emotions. Music therapy is a powerful tool that helps Nicole access different parts of her brain, getting to the root cause of trauma responses rather than just her symptoms.

“When I listen to songs, they make my emotions feel normal because I can relate to them. I feel calm.”

Nicole also participates in an art therapy group and sings in the school choir. These experiences help Nicole trust others, strengthen peer relationships, stay calm through adversity, build confidence, and communicate in a more effective way.

“I’m so thankful to be in a place where I get the support I need.”

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