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Because of supporters like you, we shape resilient kids who will confront past trauma, find the tools and strategies they need to cope with challenges, and lead healthy and productive lives.

Studies suggest that trauma is rooted in the more creative and intuitive right-brain and cannot always be accessed through words along. That is why in addition to talk therapy, we provide experiential therapies like animal-assisted, art, music, yoga, play, sand tray, ropes challenge course, and horticulture therapies.

Traditional funding sources don’t fully cover these critical services, so your support makes it possible for us to provide these life-changing therapies. Give a gift today to support this healing process.

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Only the first $10,000 will be matched. 

Elijah’s Story


In eighth grade I was Physically and emotionally abused by my grandmother. Because of that, I felt that I did not deserve to be happy and that I should not be alive. Going to school became harder and harder. I couldn’t sit still in a classroom without being overwhelmed with sadness and anxiety. My body temperature would rise, my hands would sweat, my stomach would hurt, and sometimes I would throw up.

When I got to Denver Children’s Home, I was nervous and a little disengaged at the beginning. It was hard to get used to a new school and to feel that I belonged. My therapist and my mom signed me up for ZUMA. On the first day, I met Lola. I was initially scared - she was a stranger to me and so huge. However, she quickly made me feel peaceful and safe. I again felt that I had something to look forward to. Lola has taught me to be patient and to feel connected with life. The relationship I have built with Lola is like no other.

I am thankful for my mom, my step dad, my therapist, Lola, and all the other people that support me every day. My life has changed in a good way thanks to them!

Denver Children’s Home partners with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch Equine Education Center to provide equine-assisted therapy - a range of treatments that involve activities with horses to promote human physical and mental health. Lola is one of eight therapy horses currently working with DCH program participants.