Bryce (name changed for privacy) came to us as a ten-year-old with trauma history and socio-emotional challenges. He was a tough kid, prone to angry outbursts, had experienced multiple hospitalizations, and he missed school frequently. His mom was very involved, advocating for him and fighting to get Bryce the care he needed, even after he physically attacked her. In April 2013, he came to Denver Children's Home and began our Day Treatment program including attending Bansbach Academy for school. Bryce struggled. He was resistant to therapy and couldn’t maintain safe behaviors in the classroom. It was clear he required a higher level of care. His mom and caseworker agreed, so he moved into the Residential Program. After he stabilized, he was able to move back home and continue in Day Treatment. Changing destructive behaviors and learning to manage anger does not happen overnight. We worked with him for a year and a half, helping him find the tools and strategies he needed to control his behavior, focus in class and build a stronger, more positive relationship with mom. Slowly, but surely, things improved. Mom reported better behavior at home and his teachers noticed he was more engaged in school. Soon, Bryce was acting like a leader and doing very well in his studies. He thrived as his teachers and therapists challenged him to take ownership of his own success. Bryce was able to successfully discharge from Denver Children’s Home after lots of hard work. He returned to public school and his mom lets us know that he continues to do well.