Meet Madasin

Madasin is 14 and from a small town hours away from Denver. Her entire family is there – mom, stepdad, grandparents, cousins. It was hard to leave, but coming to Denver Children’s Home was “the best thing I ever could have done.” Madasin struggled with depression, low self-esteem and the emotional fallout from a death in the family. Before she came to us, Madasin hadn’t gone to school for over a year. She was lost and her relationship with her family was suffering.

“When I came to DCH, it was so hard. I didn’t want to face my feelings or my problems. My therapist stuck with me, though. She pushed me to be a better person, to stand up for what I deserve and ask for help.” Madasin rediscovered a love of learning. “The teachers at DCH know how to work with kids with all kinds of learning styles. That helped me so much.” Madasin learned coping skills. She re-engaged in art and found yoga to be essential to her wellbeing. She also fell in love with the therapy dogs. In fact, when Madasin gets home, she is getting a Labrador as part of a state program and will even receive handler training.

“I’ll miss DCH, but I’m actually excited to get back home, get to school, bond with my new dog and look to my future. Thanks to DCH, I have a plan. I want to be a therapist and help kids like me.”