We accept referrals from human services agencies, mental health centers, providers, probation officers, and schools.

Referrals may be made via fax, phone, e-mail, or the form below. Referrals will be reviewed by the admissions team in consultation with medical, educational, and clinical staff to determine whether a child is appropriate for services. Admissions staff will notify the referral source of the availability or a tentative admissions date if there is a waiting list.

Referrals should include documentation which describes the child’s behavioral health history, school functioning, and presenting problems. These documents may include service plans, psychiatric assessments, Individual Education Plan (IEP), and any other diagnostic information that is applicable.

Once paperwork is received, we will conduct a brief screening by phone to determine your needs and discuss programming options. Next, if appropriate, we will schedule a face-to-face interview and make a plan for admission. If we are unable to provide services, we will do our best to refer to an agency better suited to meet the needs of the clients. 

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Date Placement Needed
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Denver Children's Home will respond to referral requests in a timely manner as noted above. Any additional required documentation should be sent to admissions via e-mail at admissions@denverchildrenshome.org or fax at 303.399.9846.