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Denver Children's Home has a long standing history of working with Colorado's most vulnerable children and families: those that struggle with the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, exposure to violence and suffer from chronic mental health problems and learning disabilities related to these experiences.  We see in every child and family an opportunity for health and healing. Our programs are grounded in an understanding of the psychological, social and biological effects of these adverse life experiences. Through training, research and the use of best practices, Denver Children's Home aims to help youth and their families heal and grow. 
Expert knowledge in the treatment of victims of abuse, neglect and trauma forms the framework for our healing philosophy. We provide clinical and educational interventions that are age-respectful and developmentally-appropriate to all of our clients. Denver Children’s Home is committed to maintaining a safe, healing and facilitative environment that provides culturally respectful, relational and supportive experiences for those who turn to us for help.

Denver Children's Home is the first nonprofit in the State of Colorado.  Throughout our 139-year history of service, the organization has consistently met the needs of children and families.  On a daily basis, DCH serves an average of over 100 children and families and over 1,000 children and families in our community annually!

Our Commitment to Quality

Denver Children’s Home is deeply committed to quality in all of our services and operations.

  • We recognize that high standards are vital for our organization to meet our fundamental mission.
  • We strive to maintain the highest level of organizational excellence through continuous improvements in our programs and operations.
  • We endeavor to exceed customer needs and expectations.


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