Students enrolled at Bansbach Academy often have long histories of school failure and many have undiagnosed learning disabilities, which are compounded by complex emotional and/or behavioral problems. We offer a rigorous academic environment that is customized for each student's unique needs.  Many students are able to make two months of progress for every month spent at Bansbach Academy.

Social Studies: We currently offer Geography, World History, US History, and Civics.  In these courses, students study the physical and human characteristics of places, explore historic events, and learn the basics of all levels of government in the United States.   

Science: We focus on Anatomy, Biology, Earth Science and General Science. Students learn through first-hand experiences via guided lessons, the use of technology, and projects. We also offer labs for students to demonstrate what they have learned in class.

Math: Students learn Geometry, Ratios, Rational Numbers, Fractions, Graphing, Algebra, Probability and more. We use teacher-directed instruction with direct and explicit instruction including models and demonstrations. Students also receive intensive individualized support including corrective feedback, frequent review, and close monitoring of progress.

Language Arts: Students study Literature and Poetry.  Students utilize novels, short stories, drama, and poetry to read, write, dramatize, illustrate, and analyze various genres of literature. Students study notable poets and their work.  They learn to define, identify, and respond to the elements of poetry. 

Physical Fitness/Health: Through participation in Physical Education students understand and develop the daily quality application of fundamental movement skills. In addition, students develop appropriate levels of physical fitness leading to the ability to carry out daily tasks and possess sufficient energy to enjoy an active and productive lifestyle. 

Professional Employment Training (P.E.T.): Students learn to understand and apply academics to real tasks performed in the workplace.  They also have opportunities to better understand the working environment through classroom instruction and work-oriented education.  Students may volunteer at our coffee cart, the Wolf Pack Café, where they can gain real hands-on work experience. 

L.I.F.E.: L.I.F.E. classrooms teach students to succeed in real-life situations at home, school, and in the community.  Each student’s curriculum is based on their I.E.P. and specific outcome needs. Students learn functional academics, independent living skills, and essential social skills. There is a strong focus on the whole child where students build on their strengths and learn to be leaders in a capacity appropriate for them.