Our on-site school is a therapeutic, educational, and positive socio-emotional environment that contributes to the success of the children and teens in our educational program. Bansbach Academy is accredited by Advanced Ed and the Colorado Department of Education. Core academics are combined with programs that promote self-sufficiency, leadership development, entrepreneurship and character development.

Classes are small (average 8 – 10 students) and are led by a special education teacher with support from a Youth Treatment Counselor. In addition to core academic subjects (math, language arts, social studies, science, health/physical education), Bansbach Academy also offers the following:

Affective Education: This course for at-risk students addresses their ability to identify, discuss and practice the fourteen character traits: caring, cooperation, courage, goal setting, honesty, humanity, patience, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-control, self-esteem, service, and integrity. 

Professional Employment Training: This course is focused on resume building, career awareness, job exploration and interview skills. Students manage a coffee cart, Wolf Pack Café, to learn budgeting, marketing, management, and financial skills.

Student Council: This elected body works on modeling appropriate behaviors to peers, acting as mentors to younger clients and fundraising for program activities.

Volunteerism: Students volunteer through Bessie's Hope, a collaborative project with three area nursing homes. Students also fundraise through bake sales and profits from a student-run cafe to support Children's Hospital and other nonprofits.

Experiential Therapies: Students engage in therapies and therapeutic experiences such as equine and animal-assisted, yoga, art and music therapy; occupational therapy and a program that uses snowboarding to teach life skills and increase self-esteem.

Positive Behavioral Support System: S.T.A.R.S. (Safety. Teamwork. Attitude. Respect. Self-Responsibility) is a research-based positive behavioral support system that tracks and rewards positive student behaviors.

Re-Focus Room: This space functions as a regulating place kids go when they are unable to maintain safe and productive behaviors in class. Trained staff help kids calm down, focus, and prepare to rejoin class so that they may be successful. 

The aim is to help students develop the skills and coping tools they need to successfully transition to a public school setting.

The teachers actually took the time to get to know me and how I learn.
— Brian, discharged in 2015