Denver Children's Home recognizes the need for behavioral health services to be implemented in the community. Community-Based Services include Intensive In-Home Therapy and Case Management provided to parents and caregivers.

Intensive In-Home Therapy

Families participating in the Intensive In-Home Therapy Program receive a wide array of services within their own home. Families that are served in this program have often struggled to succeed in other therapeutic settings.  We employ a variety of evidenced-based and trauma-informed interventions ranging from experiential therapies (sand tray, play therapy, art therapy, and animal-assisted therapy) to more traditional talk therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Treatment is tailored to meet the needs of each family. Our clinicians are all Master’s level and highly trained in working with diverse and complex cases. In addition to therapeutic interventions, our Intensive In-Home team can also provide individualized behavior coaching and parent education. Families in this program also receive comprehensive needs assessments conducted in their homes by outreach staff to address challenges with basic needs. These services enable families to better focus on treatment.

Case Management & Education Services


The Family Resource Center (FRC) at Denver Children’s Home provides a range of services, resources, and referrals to agencies that assist with food insecurity, clothing needs, gang prevention/intervention, legal issues, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, child care and preschool access, utilities assistance, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment , assistance programs, and more. 

To request assistance or schedule an appointment with a Family Resource Center Outreach staff member, please call (303) 399-4890 ext. 251 (English) or ext. 262 (Spanish). 

Workshops & Trainings

Our educational programs aim to increase the emotional resilience of adults serving children. Our curriculum is based on principles and concepts of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. It teaches practical, research-based tools and strategies to heighten mindfulness, emotion-related skills and awareness, resulting in more collaborative, effective, resilient, and joyful communities.

Outreach services at Denver Children's Home seeks to build parents' capacity to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from stressful situations, challenges, or adversities that present on a daily basis, giving them room to focus on the joy of parenting. When parents or caregivers have tools available to manage their stresses, they have more energy available to nurture, educate and embrace their children in their journey of growth and development.

Bilingual trainings for parents or caregivers, are delivered at the Family Resource Center (FRC) of the Denver Children’s Home on a regular basis, or to other parent groups serviced by community agencies. Click here to read about the types of bilingual workshops we offer. Please contact to request additional information on how can we bring our team of mental health experts to work with your parent groups.  

Holiday Gift Giveaway

Each holiday season, hundreds of low income families make appointments to “shop” for holiday gifts for their children. For many families, these are the only gifts they’ll receive this holiday season. Please ensure that we have enough gifts to meet a growing demand. We gratefully request new, unwrapped gifts that are appropriate for babies through teenagers. Holiday Gift Drive Wish List

Events Calendar

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