We appreciate your interest in Denver Children’s Home. We work with children ages 9 to 18 who’ve experienced complex trauma, neglect and/or abuse, and/or who are living with serious mental illness. We see in every child the possibility of hope and healing and often take children who have failed at multiple other placements. As experts in trauma-informed care, we take pride in having the lowest rates of physical managements among peer institutions.  

Our Approach to Success

  • Engaging the full system surrounding a child (family, caseworkers, teachers, etc.) including wraparound support for families through our Family Resource Center

  • Utilizing proven therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and experiential therapies like art, music, yoga, and animal-assisted therapies

  • Clinicians are all Master’s level and highly trained in working with diverse and complex cases

  • Highly supportive and structured environment that helps kids understand expectations and limits

  • Encouraging and rewarding positive behaviors while maintaining clear consequences for negative behaviors

  • Excellent community support that helps our kids feel cared for and safe

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To Make A Referral

We primarily accept referrals from human services agencies, behavioral health organizations, mental health centers, providers, probation officers, guardians, and schools.

Referrals may be made by completing the above Admissions Placement Form. After receiving the admissions inquiry, the Admissions Manager will be in contact within 24 hours to further discuss the youth and to gather additional information as necessary for consideration of the youth for placement or enrollment. Referrals will be reviewed by the Admissions and Client Services Manager in consultation with medical, educational, and clinical staff, to determine whether DCH is the right fit for the youth. Once all documentation is in place, if we feel that we are an appropriate support for the youth, we will schedule a face-to-face interview and create a plan for admission. If we are unable to provide services, we will do our best to refer to an agency better suited to meet the needs of the youth. 

*Please do not fax referrals as this is not a reliable means of communication for time-sensitive information.

Please contact

Additional attachments or inquiries regarding programming and the admission process may be emailed to admissions@denverchildrenshome.org, or you may contact our Admissions and Client Services Manager directly at 720.881.3338. 

The DCH therapist did a great job engaging the family and my staff in developing the treatment plan for the client. She worked with everyone to identify what they wanted in a treatment plan, what had worked previously, and, just as importantly, what hadn’t worked in the past. Thank you for being such a great partner.
— Colleague from a County Department of Human Services, Children, Youth and Families Division