In 1876, The Ladies Relief Society formed Denver Orphans Home to take care of the orphans being brought to Colorado to build railroads and work in the mines.  In 1881, Margaret Evans, wife of territorial Governor John Evans, realized that Colorado needed a facility for the thousands of needy children.  This realization led Mrs. Evans to open Denver Orphans Home with assistance from Iliff Warren and the wives of Charles Berger, Walter Cheesman, William Clayton, Charles Kountze, David Moffat, Chester Morey, Fred Solomon, and John Routt.

In 1883, the first residence was built in what is now known as the Wyman Historic District and within days 40 children filled the Home. By 1889, 1,128 children sought shelter at Denver Orphans Home. In 1902, the Home moved to its current location at 1501 Albion Street and in 1962, the Denver Orphans Home was renamed the Denver Children’s Home and began to concentrate exclusively on helping children who have suffered severe abuse or neglect with serious mental health issues.

I still remember some of my brothers and sisters at the orphanage. They were the only family I had.
— Gladys, 1916